Oak Care Ltd response to CQC inspection report

On 8 May 2019 our service, Cherry Tree Manor, was inspected by the CQC. This was a planned, comprehensive inspection.
During and after that inspection we raised a number of concerns about the conduct of our inspector. These concerns gave us some apprehension about the quality of his findings. We lodged a formal complaint with the CQC in July 2019.
Before that complaint was resolved, we received a draft inspection report relating to the visit. We found that it contained a number of factual inaccuracies and demonstrated examples of poor practice on part of the inspector who had failed to consider a lot of our evidence thoroughly or fairly. We promptly submitted factual accuracy comments to the CQC in the hope that they would amend the report in light of these clear errors and within the context of our existing complaint.
Over 3 months later, our complaint has still not been dealt with by the CQC and we have been told on a number of occasions that its response will be delayed due to “staff availability”. This has obviously been very frustrating. To add to that frustration is the CQC’s decision to now publish the final report that has been questioned, despite our concerns about its accuracy and the method by which the judgements have been made. The CQC have also incorrectly dated the report stating that it was published on 4 July 2019. This is not correct and the report was published in October 2019. We have raised this with the CQC, but they have refused to amend the date.
Having read the final report we are shocked to see that it still contains a number of inaccuracies and sections that simply make no sense. The quality of the report is deeply disturbing and we are very disappointed that the CQC would release into the public domain something that they know is unreliable and prejudicial. The CQC’s decision to publish the report also gives us no confidence that our complaint will be fairly resolved and we fully expect the response to be unsatisfactory.
Whilst we have a legal obligation to display our inspection report and our rating, we felt it very important to provide readers with the full context on this matter. Oak Care Limited wholly rejects this inspection report and its findings. The approach of the CQC has resulted in the publication of a misleading and unreasonable report. It is not reflective of the care that we provide at Cherry Tree Manor.
If you have any questions about the report or our complaint against the CQC then please feel free to contact Mary Reekhaye on 01442 217621 or via email: office@oakcareltd.com. Whilst we have lost confidence in the CQC, we remain committed to and focussed on providing high quality care to the people that live at Cherry Tree Manor.

Mrs Mary Reekhaye


Oak Care Ltd